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About Us

P.O. Box 43
Williamsburg, MO 63388

(573) 254-3990


1. Area Wide
Prairie Fork Conservation Area has a variety of habitats to explore and learn about.
10. Hiking trails
We have 5 designated trails that are between a half mile and one and half mile. Four of the trails are mowed pathways. One ... (more)
11. Water Spigot
Calloway County water available at all spigot’s.
12 Discover Nature Schools Teaching Area 2
Has two hiking trails (silver and purple) that take you through restored prairie, through forest, by a pond, by a wetland, an ... (more)
13. Education Building
An insulated pole barn with open area for teaching. Three doors that can be opened to see outside. Tables and chairs availa ... (more)
14. Scout/Group Camp Site
A camping site is available for use by groups or 10 or more & Scouts. We have a leave no trace policy on all three of our des ... (more)
15. Office/Meeting Room
Offers a spacious meeting room with full kitchen. Lunches can be prepared on site or catered in. In addition there is a libra ... (more)
16. Missouri Prairie Foundation Expansion Area
MPF owns the top 200 acres of former crop fields that are being restored to a rich mix of native wildflowers and grasses.
2. Discover Nature Teaching Area 1
Is a well-developed area with three hiking trails (blue, green, gold) that will take you through restored prairie, through fo ... (more)
3. Naturalist Shed
Small shed that hold requested teaching items. Can seat 10 students comfortably.
4. Pit Toilet
Available for use. Porta potties on contract for large groups.
5. Picnic Area
This area seats 125 comfortably. Trash cans and recycling options available.
6. BBQ Pit
Replica of the former owner’s BBQ pit with adjustable grills.
7. Teaching Pavilion
This 24’ x 40’ pavilion has benches for sitting and electricity. The floor is imprinted with animal tracks, and plants that ... (more)
8. Outdoor Classrooms
We currently have two specific classrooms with permanent log benches set up. #1 is on the Blue trail. #2 is on the Green tr ... (more)
9. Soil Core Wall/Soil Shed
The soil core is on permanent display in the Soil Shed where it shows many different soil types, 3 glacial events that occurr ... (more)