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P.O. Box 43
Williamsburg, MO 63388

(573) 254-3990

Management Home

Our management program goal is to reconstruct, restore, and manage the natural communities of Prairie Fork Conservation Area, along with their process and functions. Prairie Fork lies within the transitional Ozark Border Natural Division of Missouri. The natural communities that occur here include prairies, savannas, woodlands, forests, wetlands, and steams.

We are actively working to reconstruct and restore hundreds of acres of prairies, savannas and woodlands, including the diverse plant and animal populations that occur in these habitats. We are also working to restore the natural hydrological cycles of Prairie Fork Creek to benefit the Black-Nosed Shiner, a species of concern in Missouri. We are using a variety of management strategies and techniques, including prescribed fire and exotic species control, to conserve our natural communities. Please contact us to find out more about our management activities.