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Management News

4/1/2011 - Remnants to Restoration
Check out the latest work on happening on Prairie Fork & the Missouri Prairie Foundation Property to the North. This article ... (more)
1/1/2011 - Service Project
Service Project Update Printed in the Conservation Federation of Missouri January 2011 issue on Page 18. 10/21/2008 - MDC Staff Planted RPM Trees
120 Root Production Method trees totalling 13 acres were planted in Northwest unit south of MPF Boundary. 60 White Oak and 6 ... (more)
9/15/2008 - Sericea lespedeza Spraying on 190 acres
Wildlife staff sprayed 190 acres of the exotic species, Sericea lespedeza, across the entire area in September. This plant i ... (more)
3/1/2005 - Volunteers Make Prairie Fork Work
Volunteers have made a big impact on the management and maintenance of Prairie Fork Conservation Area. Recently, a volunte ... (more)
3/1/2005 - Prairie Fork Staff and Volunteers Plant Another 40 Acres to Native Prairie
In January 2005, Prairie Fork volunteers and staff completed our second 40 acre prairie reconstruction planting. The planting ... (more)
7/1/1998 - Prairie Fork Management Plan
The Prairie Fork Conservation Area Plan was written in 1998 by Missouri Department of Conservation Staff and is intended to g ... (more)