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Educational Data Sets

Data Sets

These links will download for the user some raw data that has been collected for the Prairie Fork Conservation Area in the year 1997. To view the data, the user must have access to the indicated software, or be able to import the file into a similar program that is able to read the file format.

2011 Trails - Updated 4/7/2011
Gree Trail ~ 1/2 mile Blue Trail ~ 1/2 mile (ADA accessible) Gold Trail ~ 1.5 miles
Avian species count summary by point - Updated 4/28/1999
Grid vegetation data - Updated 9/22/2004
Point vegetation data - Updated 4/28/1999
Raw grid vegetation data - Updated 9/22/2004
Raw point vegetation data - Updated 9/22/2004
Small mammal data - Updated 9/22/2004